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  • Coffee house seating area

    Custom Furniture Made in Chicago, IL

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Hand Crafted Done Right

About Us

I learned my early woodworking skills from my father who was a general contractor in Chicago, IL. When he retired and started the avocado farm life in Mexico, he left me his tools he would use for home projects so I could take care of my mom and the family home. Woodworking started off as a low-budget hobby making myself some bookshelves when I didn't want (read: was too cheap) to buy them from a store. One project led to another and before I knew it, my hobby was approaching full-time. I picked up other skills along the way from other small business owners including welding, fabrication and CNC work. In 2016, I made the leap into small business ownership and Abel Pulido Custom Furniture became real. This little business has continued to grow over the past 4 years, and it continues to brings me such joy to provide a quality product to every customer. Thank you for supporting this 2 person (and 2 cat) small business, and for trusting us to help create your next project.                                                                            -Abel


What We Do